Hartford And New Britain Boating Accidents Lawyer

Recreational activities on the waters are popular for many people in Connecticut. However, when a sunny day is darkened by the negligence of other boaters, a victim of a watercraft accident can suffer debilitating injuries. Boats and other personal watercraft do not have seat belts and victims can be thrown in a boating accident.

Accidents on the water often involve alcohol. Boaters and watercraft operators, such as Jet Skis, can act negligently on the water, just as motorists can be reckless on the roadways. Drinking and boating, hot-rodding, doughnuts in a boat and defective products are all common sources of injury for innocent victims who planned to simply enjoy time on the water.

In watercraft and beach accident cases, we work with skilled investigators to provide a complete picture of the causes and contributing factors to the accident. Accident victims who suffer from the negligence of a personal watercraft operator or boat should not bear the burden of the costs of medical care, property damage and other harms caused by a watercraft accident.

Trial Lawyers In Hartford And New Britain Dedicated To Helping Accident Victims Obtain Justice

Boating accidents can involve complex legal analysis. Maritime law, insurance coverage and liability issues in water sports-related personal injury cases require detailed analysis from an experienced boating accident attorney. At Dressler Law, we have nearly 30 years of experience in zealously guarding the rights of accident victims who have suffered due to the negligence of others.

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