Catastrophic Injuries Lawyer In Hartford And New Britain

A spinal cord or brain injury can be life-altering, not just for an accident victim, but for an entire family. Medical bills and rehabilitation costs can be financially oppressive. The effects of catastrophic injuries can be long-lasting, robbing survivors, as well as their families, of the quality of life that existed before the accident. Similarly, the complete loss of a loved one in a fatal accident causes significant challenges for the entire family.

Experienced Catastrophic Injury Lawyers Providing Families With A Strong Voice

Our catastrophic and fatal injury attorneys understand the financial and emotional complexity that families endure as a result of these traumatic events. We have diligently pursued justice for nearly 35 years in personal injury cases involving brain injury and wrongful death cases.

At Dressler Law, we are goal-oriented, client-centered lawyers who are devoted to improving the lives of families who have suffered losses due to fatal motorcycle accidents, hit-and-run wrecks, drunk driving crashes, as well as any other situations where negligent acts cause fatal injuries. We champion the rights of innocent victims — and the rights of family members like you. We believe that your family's dignity is a vital concern that needs to be protected.

For members of the Spanish-speaking community, a lawyer fluent in Spanish will meet with you. We do not rely on a staff member or outside interpreter to communicate with you.

Our compassion for our clients includes a strong devotion to seeking justice on behalf of victims and families who have lost so much due to the negligence or misdeeds of others. Our ultimate goal is to give families who have lost so much a voice in court to obtain justice and maximize compensation after a tragedy.

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We have offices in Hartford and New Britain to serve clients throughout Connecticut. If your family has been damaged by the negligence of another, call our trusted lawyers at 860-952-3026 for a free case evaluation. You may also send us a message online. In addition to serving clients in Connecticut, we are also licensed in Puerto Rico. Se habla español.