Bicycle Accidents Attorney In Hartford And New Britain

People of all ages enjoy bicycling throughout Connecticut. Drivers have a duty to watch for bicyclists. Individuals riding a bike are no match for any motor vehicle if a driver is negligent. A rider is often thrown and there is no real protection from the perils and hazards along the road other than potentially a bicycle helmet. The sheer force of a crash, the pavement and roadside hazards often lead to catastrophic injuries in a bicycle accident.

We have found that, like in pedestrian accidents, police may often place blame on the rider in a bicycle accident. Our law firm investigates bike accident claims vigorously to help level the field for victims of the negligence of drivers. Because riders have little protection against the mass and size of motor vehicles, and can be thrown from a bike, scooter or moped in an accident, the injuries tend to be severe. Complex insurance coverage issues can complicate accidents involving a bike rider.

Trusted Attorneys Dedicated To Giving Accident Victims A True Voice

Dressler Law has been a trusted legal resource for accident victims in Connecticut for nearly 35 years. We provide victims and their families with comprehensive personal injury representation and a solid voice in the courts. Our commitment to treating clients with integrity has earned the respect of our peers, adversaries and our valued clients.

We have substantial experience serving clients in obtaining maximum compensation across the spectrum of two-wheeler accidents, including:

  • Bicycle accidents
  • Moped accidents
  • Crashes involving a mini bike
  • Scooter accidents
  • Crosswalk accidents involving a bicyclist
  • Hit-and-run crashes involving riders
  • Distracted drivers striking bike riders
  • Drunk driving accidents

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Our legal team is prepared to provide a knowledgeable evaluation of your accident to help you protect your rights and financial future. We have offices in New Britain and Hartford, Connecticut and we will travel to the hospital to meet you when necessary. Contact us online or call 860-952-3026. We are also licensed in Puerto Rico. Se habla español.