Hartford And New Britain Dangerous Drugs Attorney

While product liability claims involving medical products may not always implicate a medical malpractice claim, our substantial experience in medical negligence cases fortifies our knowledge of the medical issues involved with defective medical devices and dangerous drugs. We have a deep understanding of how to review medical records and work with medical professionals who may need to render medical opinions regarding the harm the victim of an unsafe medical product has suffered.

Leveling The Field Against Powerful Companies Who Cause Harm

The drug manufacturing, in both the areas of prescription medications and over-the counter products, and medical device industries are big businesses. These powerful companies have a duty to ensure that the products they sell are safe. Unfortunately, many products are released each year that are dangerous.

Patients seeking help for medical issues deserve to receive care with dignity. When a product causes harm, the loss of respect for the patient is profound. Our skilled medical device defect and dangerous drug lawyers provide harmed patients with a strong voice to speak up against negligent manufacturing companies who put their bottom line above the safety of patients.

Despite regulations and the protections of agencies like the Food and Drug Administration, drug manufacturers pump out countless medications and over-the-counter products each year that cause serious, and even fatal, harm to unsuspecting consumers. Drug recalls are fairly commonplace. Similarly, the problems associated with medical devices are well-documented and often lead to medical device recalls. When a medical product causes injury, like any dangerous product claim, the legal analysis can be complex.

Experienced Lawyers Devoted To Helping Victims Of Negligence Recover From Harm

Our law firm has a lengthy track record of seeking justice against the false promises from medical device and pharmaceutical companies. Our attorneys have deep knowledge of product liability law and the medical product regulations. If you or a loved one has suffered adverse effects, pain or other forms of medical harm related to a medical product, we are here to help.

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