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How can an attorney help after a commercial truck accident?

Car accidents of all kinds can lead to very complicated legal battles, but few are likely to get more complicated than car accidents involving commercial vehicles. Unlike accidents in which two or more civilians have a collision, an accident involving a commercial truck may not only cause much more catastrophic damage, it may prove much more difficult to determine which party or parties are at fault.

Commercial drivers do not all enjoy the same relationship with the company they work with, which can change how a claim gets filed. Similarly, the accident may not even be the result of a driving error, but rather a malfunction by some component of the vehicle. All these factors and more can contribute to determining fault, but understanding how these issues may affect your claim after you experience an accident with a large vehicle is not usually something at the forefront of your mind until well after you leave the scene of the accident.

Plainville sees massive multi-car pileup

Just recently, a multi-car collision completely shut down a significant stretch of Route 72 near Plainville. While all car accident claims can prove complex and challenging to resolve in some way or another, these types of accidents create exponentially more complicated recovery scenarios for all parties involved. Sorting out the range of damages and injuries caused by the accident and determining portions of fault and liability to individual parties requires ongoing, intentional attention to detail in order to protect the rights of the individual victims.

When a traditional single- or two-car accident occurs, it often comes down to two parties disputing degrees of liability, but in an accident like the Plainville accident last week, victims, defendants, insurance companies and legal representatives all have their work cut out for them.

Premises liability and public attractions

Theme parks and other public attractions like ice-skating rinks are often a great way to spend free time with family, especially as the holidays draw near. However, these types of attractions are often much more dangerous than you might expect, and can play a role in very serious injuries or even death.

If you someone you love suffered an injury at a theme park or public attraction, you may have grounds for a premises liability suit. Depending on the nature of the injury, you may have a few different options surrounding how you pursue fair compensation for the injury and associated losses.

Fatigued driving is especially dangerous for truckers

Truck accidents can be particularly devastating. As fall descends and weather complicates driving conditions in the northeastern United States, the threat of accidents involving large trucks grows. One of the greatest contributors to truck accidents in any season, however, is driver fatigue.

Driver fatigue can happen to anyone who stays behind the wheel too long without properly resting and getting good care. Truckers, however, are usually more susceptible than most to driver fatigue because they typically spend hours behind the wheel, moving cargo hundreds or thousands of miles down the road.

Should I ever admit fault at the scene of a car accident?

Car accidents happen in an instant, shaking people out of their normal frame of mind, and often contributing to them saying more than they should in the aftermath. The things you say after a car accident can severely impact the resolution of the matter, often leading to you shouldering some or all of the liability for the accident unfairly.

If you believe that you are responsible for an accident, it is wise to keep this to yourself. The other driver or drivers in the accident may likewise believe that they caused the accident or contributed to it. If you claim responsibility for the collision, you may forfeit many of your options for fair compensation in the future. Furthermore, you may find yourself unfairly on the hook for enormous damages. It is highly possible that there are other factors that contributed to the accident that you do not yet know about, which may change your mind about your own responsibility in the matter.

Riding a motorcycle without a helmet in Connecticut

As a motorcyclist, you face a great number of dangers each time you get out and ride. However, accepting this risk is part of riding motorcycles, and for some, the risk is part of the value of the experience.

As for helmet use, it is unwise to ride a motorcycle without wearing a helmet -- even though motorcyclist's rights groups contend that the right to ride without a helmet should be left to the rider. While choosing to wear or not wear a helmet may be personal, it is also a matter of the law, since riding a motorcycle without a helmet is legal for those over the age of 17 in Connecticut.

Can I sue police officers if they cause my car accident?

Several weeks ago, a police officer was involved in a multi-car collision right here in Hartford. While it is fortunate that there were no fatalities in the accident, the incident does raise some questions for many people who've been following the story. Namely, what should you do if you suffer an injury and believe that a government entity or employee is responsible?

The accident is still under investigation, but some of the facts have solidified. The trooper was driving toward an emergency call and his lights and siren were both in use. As he passed through the intersection where the accident occurred, he drove through a red light and struck two vehicles, then bounded off them into three more vehicles.

Can I sue if I'm injured on government property?

As summer ends and more dangerous weather becomes commonplace over the fall and winter, an increase in slip-and-fall injuries is to be expected. In many instances, these accidents occur not on private property but in a public space.

This raises an interesting complication — bringing a slip-and-fall lawsuit against a municipality or government entity. While it is possible to sue the government in come circumstances, it is not usually as straightforward as a lawsuit between two private parties.

Wrongful death suits involving law enforcement

When a person dies tragically because of someone else's negligence, or sometimes because of his or her direct actions, it is usually appropriate to consider a wrongful death suit. But what if a person dies because of the actions of law enforcement? Especially in the last several years, the issue of wrongful death involving police has surfaced as major point of contention for many people throughout the country. However, laying aside the political aspects of the issue, the law generally provides recourse for those whose loved ones die wrongfully in an interaction with police.

Plaintiffs may choose to pursue a state or federal claim, or possibly both. In a state-level lawsuit, the plaintiff may allege that an officer's malicious or negligent actions lead to the death to the victim, whereas a federal suit may allege that an officer somehow violated the victim's civil rights.

How do I create my own accident report?

After any car accident, it is usually best to call the police and wait at the scene of the collision until they arrive. Even if you don't think that you suffered an injury or if the other person verbally accepts fault at the scene, an official accident report filed with the police is a very useful thing to have if things get more complicated later on. Many accidents have seemed like simple fender benders at the time, only for the driver who was hit to realize later he or she suffered an injury. Similarly, many drivers accept fault at the scene and then later change their mind.

Unfortunately, a police officer is not always available to come to the scene of an accident. While you can't obtain a police report of the accident if no officer comes to the scene, it is possible to create you own report and file it with the police.

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