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Take precautions to stay on your motorcycle this summer

Summer is here, and with it comes greater congestion on the roads. While these sunny days are perfect for a getting out on your motorcycle for a ride, you should be sure to take proper safety precautions to minimize your risk of a serious injury accident. A little forethought into how to keep yourself safe on the road can mean the difference between life and death.

Does riding without a helmet invalidate an injury claim?

If you ride a motorcycle, then you already understand that a large part of the experience is taking responsibility for yourself and your choices. However, the rights and responsibilities of the motorcyclist vary from state to state, which can create difficulties for those of us who like to ride but also live in the northeast, where a nice long weekend ride may take us across several state lines.

Woman charged with manslaughter after striking motocyclists

Unfortunately, some of the greatest threats to motorcyclists are other drivers. This truth was demonstrated to heartbreaking lengths recently, when a woman who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol crossed into the wrong side of the road while driving, colliding with several motorcyclists. Several of them were injured, and, sadly, one was killed. The woman now faces manslaughter charges.

Motorcycle accidents can have invisible effects

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating, even if you feel like you got out of it relatively unscathed. Some injuries are less apparent than others, and especially if another party in the accident was seriously injured in a visible and sensational way, you may not have gotten the medical help you need. One of the most common injuries that can occur and subsequently go undiagnosed in a motorcycle accident is a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Immigrants and motorcyclists often face unfair attitudes

For many parts of the world, riding a motorcycle is just as common as driving a car, or more so. Many immigrants who come to the United States are surprised to learn, among other things, that most drivers are still not accustomed to sharing the road with motorcycles. Whereas other parts of the world may have roughly half of their drivers on motorcycles, in the U.S., it is a much smaller percentage. Unfortunately, this means that riding a motorcycle is an innately more dangerous act here than it may be in an immigrant's country of origin.

Motorcyclist severely injured in accident

Anyone who has spent much time on a motorcycle knows that many motorists simply don't seem to see motorcyclists who share the streets with them. Being a member of this semi-invisible community can often be extremely dangerous, leading to severe injury or death when a driver fails to acknowledge you on the road and operates his or her vehicle without your safety in mind.

Police often need help in hit-and-run motorcycle accidents

Some drivers here in Connecticut and elsewhere fail to stop after being involved in a crash. Police may need help locating these drivers in hit-and-run car and motorcycle accidents. Surveillance can provide them with images of vehicles -- and even people on occasion -- that are then released to the public in an attempt to locate the party or parties believed to be responsible.

Investigations into motorcycle accidents can take a long time

Law enforcement officials here in Connecticut and around the country are not always able to conclude an investigation in the weeks or months that follow a crash. In some cases, families have to wait a significant amount of time before having the answers they seek regarding the death of a loved one. This could be true for car, truck or motorcycle accidents.

1 of 2 fatal motorcycle accidents remains under investigation

During the summer months, more Connecticut residents get out of their houses to enjoy the weather. Many of them ride motorcycles, which raises the potential for motorcycle accidents. Sadly, some of the victims of these crashes could suffer severe or deadly injuries that could alter their lives and/or the lives of their families.

Simple rear-end collisions can be deadly in motorcycle accidents

Every Connecticut driver is required to keep their focus on the road, and this can be especially important when following a motorcycle. Even a simple rear-end collision can be deadly. Due to the vulnerability of bikers, motorcycle accidents often result in more serious -- and even deadly -- injuries to riders because they do not enjoy the same protections as those in passenger vehicles.

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