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  • Medical Mal Practice

We believe that everyone deserves to receive proper medical care with dignity and professionalism. We expect doctors and other medical professionals to adhere strictly to a standard of care. It is well-known that when a medical practitioner fails to meet the appropriate standard of care, the results of the breach can be life-changing for the patient. 

At the Dressler Law, our lawyers have pressed hard to hold the medical profession accountable for acts of medical negligence for decades.

The types of breaches in the standard of care that often result in medical harm include:

  • Delays in properly diagnosing a serious medical problem, such as cancer
  • Misdiagnosis of a condition, including allowing a serious condition to fester while treating the wrong disease
  • Medication errors, including overdosing a patient or providing a harmful combination of drugs
  • Surgical errors, including wrong site operations and negligently leaving surgical materials behind
  • Nursing errors, including negligent monitoring, dispensing medications to the wrong patient and failure to properly follow doctors' orders
  • Hospital negligence, including inadequate staffing, training or supervision of hospital staff members

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