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Motor vehicle accidents come in all forms. Rear-end collisions, wrecks in a parking lot, rollover accidents and crashes leading to a totaled car are fairly common in Connecticut. When a traffic accident causes significant injury, the effect on you and your family can be devastating.

We investigate accidents and help victims of a crash find favorable resolution in personal injury claims involving:

  • Truck accidents: Accidents involving tractor-trailers are complex. We investigate all aspects of truck accidents to help our clients maximize compensation for these often devastating accidents.
  • Car accidents: We help accident victims and their families seek justice for the negligence of drivers who cause injury.
  • Drunk driving accidents: Despite laws against drunk driving, many people suffer serious personal injury in alcohol-related crashes. We investigate whether a bar or restaurant was negligent in serving an intoxicated patron.
  • Hit-and-run crashes: Accident victims of hit-and-run drivers and uninsured motorists have protection under their own policies for the negligence of others.
  • Motorcycle accidents: Far too often motorists fail to see motorcycles or misjudge the distance an approaching motorcycle is from an intersection. Riders and passengers on a bike often suffer serious injuries in motorcycle accidents. We are here to help.
  • Bicycle and scooter accidents: Distracted driving and other forms of negligence are often involved when a vehicle strikes a person riding a bicycle, scooter or minibike.
  • Pedestrian accidents: Pedestrians have no protection against a moving vehicle. When a pedestrian suffers injury, we conduct our own investigation as police reports may not cover all of the details surrounding the accident. 

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