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Slip and Fall In Snow and Ice

Our Blog April 07th, 2021
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A tenant, a middle aged lady, rents an apartment in Hartford where she looks forward to spending time with family and friends.  Christmas and New Years are approaching.  Her landlord tells her that the property will be maintained, including yard care and snow removal, so she feels secure and safe in her new home.  A snow storm occurs and the snow and ice block the sidewalks and exits and entries to her apartment. Twenty Four hours after the snow stops falling, she calls the landlord and asks when the snow will be removed.  She is told that it will be removed soon.  On the second day, the snow still has not been removed. 

She calls again and leaves a message.  On the third day, she arranges for a neighborhood boy to shovel her a path through the snow so that she can do holiday and grocery shopping.  As the temperature goes up and then down, the ice and snow melts and then refreezes.   Returning to her apartment, she slips on the ice and breaks her ankle.  She is taken to the hospital, where the broken bones are reattached.  As a result, the family Christmas celebration is cancelled and she cannot attend the annual New Years celebration.   Due to her condition, she sets up a bed in her living room and since she cannot use the stairs, makes a make-shift portable toilet off of the living room.  Her injuries leave her with arthritis to her ankle causing her chronic pain into the future.

And what is the landlord’s response?  The landlord says that the fall and injuries are the tenant’s own fault.  She should not have been walking outside near snow and ice in the first place, and in the second place, she should have been more careful.  The landlord’s insurance company agrees with the landlord and will not compensate the tenant for the injuries.  As a result, the tenant is forced to get an attorney, file a lawsuit, and go through a trial to obtain complete compensation for her injuries.  

People should not have to be put through this situation.  But if they are, they should stand up for themselves.  Landlords should be fair.  Landlords should keep their promises.  If they don’t, they should be held accountable.  Demanding respect and being compensated for broken promises is the only way that this bad behavior will end.

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Attorney Stephen Nardine

Attorney Stephen Nardine has been practicing law since 1988. He is a graduate of the National Institute for Trial Advocacy and has tried over 30 cases to verdict.

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