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Attorney Sarah Mather

Attorney Sarah Mather

Sarah is passionate about the work she does at Dressler Strickland. Her goal from a young age was to be trial attorney, wanting to make a difference in the lives of people who have been injured as a result of someone else's conduct.

Fall Forewarning

Our Blog October 04th, 2021

With every season comes possible driving hazards. For us in the New England area, I’m sure icy snowy conditions come to mind. But have you ever considered the danger of fallen leaves? More particularly, wet leaves? Living in Connecticut, drivers may be zipping around before winter rolls in. We all love our football games, fairs, and firepits; but we may need to slow down getting there.

As a high school student, there was one teacher every year that would lecture us new drivers about the dangers of wet leaves. That may seem silly but wet leaves can be just as dangerous as hitting a patch of ice. So next time there are wet leaves covering the roadway, slow down.


I had the unfortunate experience of getting rear ended by a tractor trailer a couple weeks ago. While I wish that had not happened, it could have been so much worse. I am thankful for that. I was sitting in traffic on a Friday afternoon. The highway was shut down from a big crash ahead. The same tractor trailer had been following me for about 20 minutes. He was 15 or more feet behind me when all of a sudden, he started driving ahead. He was not going to stop. I threw my hands on the horn and pushed down hard on the brake, but he kept coming. Everyone was stopped around me. No one was moving except this tractor trailer that was forging ahead into my little blue car.

It is common knowledge that if you are driving your vehicle and as a result of your negligence, you cause a collision, you are responsible. The primary insurance is the coverage for the at-fault vehicle. Even if the driver is not the owner of the vehicle and has his or her own insurance.  It is the coverage of the owner that applies first. So if you let your friend drive your car, your insurance company is on the hook when your friend rear-ends someone in your car.

Any one of us can make a bad decision. But it is what we do after that sheds light on who we really are. I always guess before I meet a defendant what that defendant is going to say. Is that person going to take accountability?  I’ve had people lie to my face. I’ve had people say they are sorry. And I’ve even had people sob across the table.

If you have seen any of my social media posts, you might have noticed #SafetySarah. I grew up a cautious kid. Whether that is good or bad- the nickname stuck. And at this point, its fitting for this personal injury trial attorney who wants to keep the community safe. And unfortunately, we often learn best from other people’s misfortune. So I want to share a cautionary tale based on an old case of mine.

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