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March 31st, 2021

A tenant, a middle aged lady, rents an apartment in Hartford where she looks forward to spending time with family and friends.  Christmas and New Years are approaching.  Her landlord tells her that the property will be maintained, including yard care and snow removal, so she feels secure and safe in her new home.  A snow storm occurs and the snow and ice block the sidewalks and exits and entries to her apartment. Twenty Four hours after the snow stops falling, she calls the landlord and asks when the snow will be removed.  She is told that it will be removed soon.  On the second day, the snow still has not been removed. 

March 31st, 2021

If you have seen any of my social media posts, you might have noticed #SafetySarah. I grew up a cautious kid. Whether that is good or bad- the nickname stuck. And at this point, its fitting for this personal injury trial attorney who wants to keep the community safe. And unfortunately, we often learn best from other people’s misfortune. So I want to share a cautionary tale based on an old case of mine.

March 19th, 2021

As I'm sitting here in the office this early evening (March 18, 2021) I'm looking out the window watching what maybe this year's last winter storm.   Hopefully anyway.  It’s raining right now, but the weather forecast is for overnight rain and snow with a low temperature of 28 degrees - which will inevitably lead to the formation of black ice. And black ice inevitably leads to people slipping, falling and getting hurt.

March 12th, 2021

Let’s talk about “The Gap.”  No.  I’m not referring to your favorite clothing store!  I’m talking about a classic excuse the insurance companies use to try and pay injured people less money than they deserve. 

Injured people do not always go to the doctor immediately.  Injured people sometimes miss doctors’ appointments.  Injured people sometimes get discharged from treatment, try to go about their normal lives, and then get tired of living with continuous pain, so they go back to the doctor, or look for another doctor, hoping for a solution.

March 08th, 2021

Every great law blog should start with a profound quote. “Children are born innocent. Before they are domesticated they in the moment, love without fear, and don’t even think about the opinions of others.” – Miguel Angel Ruiz. This quote describes the natural state of children before nurture and nature take hold. They have no concept of violence, destruction, or other behaviors that interfere with societal harmony. In this layman’s opinion, the same can be said of puppies.

March 03rd, 2021

The recent case of Maldonado v. Flannery is a cautionary tale about how unpredictable Connecticut juries and courts can be.  The case involved a routine rear end car accident that happened on June 6, 2016 in Farmington, CT.  The injured plaintiffs were William Maldonado and Geovanni Hernandez.  William was the driver and Geovanni was his passenger.  The person who rear-ended their car was the defendant, Kelly Flannery. 

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